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Fresh – They Sound Like Today

Our original Jewish Musicals and Songs are built on Rock, R&B, Folk, Pop & Country…with the occasional hint of Klezmer. We provide a hip, happening antidote to the disenchantment that threatens to disintegrate the tribe.

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Fun, Funny & Thought-Provoking 

Our shows use quirky humor, catchy tunes and daring drama to breathe new life into ancient tales.  They’re Ed-Jew-Cational, but with a strict ban on boredom. JMS Musicals and Concerts get to the beating heart of the Torah Stories, Holidays, Symbols, Rituals and Practices of Judaism.  They unveil the mysteries, magic and meanings that are so often missed in the ritual-by-rote approach of the last century.

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Toe-Tapping Torah

When Jewish schools and congregations come together to perform or enjoy these meaningful original Jewish musicals and songs,  new relationships bloom between the performers, the community,  the traditions and the material, – relationships that will last a lifetime.

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