Outreach and promotion is the lifeblood of an organization like JMS. Your generous donation will help us tell the world about what we have to offer and what, when, and where will JMS be performing or producing a show next.

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All JMS material needs to be published, printed and bound. Your donation to the publishing team will help JMS provide music charts, orchestrations and scripts to the performers, communities and synagogues who seek to put on a Jubilation Musical or Concert.

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Music Producer

Only a small percentage of JMS Shows and Concerts are properly recorded. It is vital that we have top quality recordings of all our material, for listeners AND for communities who want to stage our Musicals and Concerts to use as reference. That takes funds–for performers, sound and recording engineers and studio time. Your donation will get JMS productions out into the world.

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Jubilation musicians, performers and technicians need to be paid. Unfortunately, many synagogues and venues who love Jubilation Musicals and Concerts lack the budget to book and fully fund a production. As an Impresario, your donation will provide a scholarship to these congregations and make our programs available to the tribe allowing us to share some more wonderful

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