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Jubilate All Year Long With The JMS Concert Series

Jubilation Society Composer and Artistic Director Bill (Yuval) Burnett has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the ancient Torah Tales through catchy original songs. His memorable melodies and and provocative, funny lyrics reveal the often baffling mysteries of our stories, symbols, and practices. Either solo or with an electrifying combo, Yuval’s Concerts and discussions get people of all ages clapping, laughing and singing along, as they discover, often for the first time, what Judaism is all about. This evergreen program will bring light, laughter & song, to your Synagogue or School all year long. The series also includes “The Golden Calf” ““Counting The Omer”, “High Holy Days Boot Camp”, “Tu B’Shevat” and more. Book a Series Package and get our extra nice price.