4 Great Ways to Jubilate-01-01-01There’s a Jubilation Society Musical or Concert For Every Day & Every Season.


A. Guitorah Concert Series with Yuval

Bill Yuval Burnett is the world’s leading practitioner  of Drashsong – the art of using the modern, short, singer-songwriter form to tell a story or give an interpretation of a text or religious concept . (Think Leonard Cohen’s “Story of Isaac”.)   Now Yuval brings his Drashsong talents to a full year’s sweep  of the Jewish experience:  Torah (Adam and Eve, Abraham & Ishmael, Jacob & Esau, Sodom & Gomorrah, Noah, Passover, Sinai) and Beyond Torah (Samson & Delilah, David & Goliath, David & Bathsheba,  Secrets of the Megillah, Esther, Daniel, Job, The Psalms, Song of Solomon) PLUS Symbology (the Star of David, the Ner Tamid, the Hamsa, the Mezuzah, Mr. Spock’s Live-Long-and-Prosper hand gesture) and Practice(Counting the Omer, The Tree of Life, Davening, Kashrut and more.) Enliven your School or Shul’s calendar by booking one or more of Yuval’s special Guitorah Concerts. Book a Guitorah Series and get the Extra Nice Price.


There are three ways you can bring a Jubilation Musical Production:

B. Full Production:

You can book a Jubilation Musical Society Full-Cast Production and have our company of multi-talented professionals put on a scintillating show at your shul or synagogue. Advantage: You provide the venue — We do all the rest.

C. Residency:

Composer/Writer Bill Yuval Burnett and a Jubilation Musical Director will come to your school, synagogue or community group and cast the show from your community, using YOUR musicians, actor/singers, technicians, costume designers etc. Eight rehearsals later we will put on two performances of the show, starring and featuring your children, your congregation. Advantage: Your students and artistically inclined members get the benefit of studying Torah AND learning theater skills, PLUS the thrill of putting on a a LIVE THEATER PERFORMANCE for their friends, family and community. An experience that lasts a lifetime.

D. Licensing:

The Jubilation Musical Society has made all of our theatre scripts and music available for licensing. We provide all necessary scripts, CDs, charts, etc. You and your team of student/congregant actors and musicians can put on a professional level show you can call your own.  Fees vary depending on the length of the show, number of performances, size of the venue etc.  Please feel free to discuss this option with us.

Shows range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Prices vary depending on venue size, number of performances, and other variables. Call or write and let’s discuss your specific needs.